Enjoy Truly Good Health

Nothing affects your ability to enjoy life more than being in good health. The World Health Organization defines wellness as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.” In other words, being healthy involves heart, mind and body. At Asbury Village, you’ll find an array of services, amenities and opportunities that touch on all the facets of living healthy.

Ready to take a holistic approach to wellness?

  • Physical – Combine activity and exercise with healthy eating
  • Social – Develop meaningful relationships with others and create a support system made up of friends and family
  • Intellectual – Participate in a variety of activities that engage your mind and fuel your creativity
  • Vocational – Enjoy personal interests that make a contribution in some way
  • Spiritual – Pursue a sense of purpose, direction and meaning of life through your personal values
  • Emotional – Get involved, manage stress, connect with others and seek help when needed so you feel content with and/or accepting of the past, present and future and are able to cope with life’s challenges
  • Environmental – Ensure you’re safe and secure, and that your surroundings include access to nature as well as activities and amenities that foster and inspire good health
  • Overall Health – Receive proper healthcare to address medical needs and promote wellness

Our SmartMoves Healthy Learning Lectures will give you a mental and physical boost! Make the first smart move – sign up by calling 618-466-8662 today. To learn more about our Living Easy, Living Well Lifestyle and Wellness Program click here.

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