When Is The Right Time To Consider Moving To An Independent Living Community?

Moving to an independent living community may happen sooner than you think! But only you can decide—and you’re in good company considering the many seniors today facing this same life-altering decision.

So what are these other seniors doing? Well, there are those who feel the way to go is to age-in-place until assisted living or higher levels of care are absolutely necessary. However, growing in numbers are the thousands upon thousands who disagree with this route and have opted to move from their lifelong homes into independent living communities well before they ever need additional care. It’s this group we’d like to talk about here as we share:

6 Main Reasons For Choosing Independent Living
—sooner rather than later—

Abundant Choice And Selection
There is strength in numbers, and communities today are listening to seniors who are sharing their ideas for specific accommodations and floor plans that are best suited to the lifestyle they desire. For instance, Asbury Village offers both independent living Apartment Homes and Patio Villa Homes nestled within quiet neighborhoods. Both options present a wide selection of floor plans on a 110-acre campus that includes woods, expansive grassy areas, abundant wildlife, and a lake. In particular, the Patio Villa Homes offer a neighborhood feel with the benefit of homeownership, an attached carport and potential for lake views, but without the upkeep. No longer do you have to settle for just an apartment somewhere.

Maintenance-Free Living
No one likes the constant worry and expense of home maintenance, especially when there are many more enjoyable things to do with that time and money. Seniors today can relate and have no desire to put more attention and energy into a home that’s starting to show small signs of neglect and deterioration. They are looking for an independent lifestyle where interior/exterior maintenance is taken care of by someone else. They’re finding it with independent living at Asbury Village.

Ease Of Getting Around
Seniors have places to go—and transportation can be challenging in your later years. Maybe your driving is not what it used to be, or you’re not conveniently located to the pharmacy, grocery store, doctor’s office, or other places you need to go. Move to independent living now and worry no more. Although Asbury Village is just a short drive from downtown shopping, dining, and entertainment, transportation services are available to take you anywhere you need to go, along with an entire selection of other services and amenities you may not have expected—a hair salon & spa, library, and a new wellness clinic—right on site.

Cooking Is Optional
Meal planning and grocery shopping are a challenge for most seniors today—many of whom are cooking for one. Although the difficulty of grocery shopping might make the local drive-through seem like an attractive option, it does not speak well for one’s nutritional needs. Moving to an independent living community would certainly address this problem. Again, choice and selection in dining venues and menu options are sure to change your mind about eating. And no clean-up. On your next visit to Asbury Village join us for dinner in one of our restaurant-style dining venues.

Activity—And People To Enjoy It With
Isolation becomes more of a concern to older adults as the years go by, and making new friends can be challenging. The nice thing about moving to independent living within a community is that you immediately have a whole new circle of friends within your own peer group. You do not have to be alone. And there’s a lot to do—all organized for you. At Asbury Village, there are arts, crafts, fitness/wellness classes, celebrations and holiday parties, worship services and Bible studies, and trips to the Farmer’s Market, sporting events, concerts, and more. All are opportunities for important social engagement. Here’s an activity calendar for the coming weeks at Asbury Village.

Age With Confidence
If you choose independent living within a community, you’ll discover soon after your move that you’ve given up nothing. You still have the freedom and independence you’ve always had—you’ve just improved it—and you’re ready for the “what-ifs” in life. In fact, if in the normal process of aging, you find you need a little extra help, you’re already there. It’s the beauty of a Life Plan Community like Asbury Village that offers on-site healthcare for true peace of mind.

Do any of the above reasons confirm that now might be the right time for you to consider an independent living community? We’d love to tell you more. Get in touch with us! Call (618) 466-8662 or complete a contact form today.

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