COVID-19 Update

At Asbury Village, the health and well-being of residents and team members is our highest priority. Although we are excited to be returning to a new-normal, where residents, guests and team members are able to fully enjoy activities, amenities and services across our campus, we continue to take proper prevention and preparedness steps related to […]

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Strengthening for Seniors: Seated Exercises Can Give You a Serious Workout!

You’ve probably heard of chair exercises, but maybe you haven’t given them a second thought. Some people think that seated exercises are for those who can’t do “regular” exercises, for whatever reason. It’s true that chair exercises are excellent for people with limited mobility, as well as those who have issues with balance or strength […]

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Tips for Taking Care of your Mental Health as a Senior

Protecting our mental health and mental wellness is easier said than done. We tell ourselves to smile or find the good in life, but the truth is, some days can be hard. The issue of senior mental health is in a category of its own. According to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the World […]

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Why Independent Living Is Perfect For Gen X

Gen Xers watched MTV for the 24-hour music videos, loved John Hughes movies, and listened to Hootie & The Blowfish cassettes on their Walkmans. Now, MTV is home to shows like Jersey Shore, Molly Ringwald is old enough to be an AARP member, and Hootie’s a country singer, with songs that stream to Gen Xers’ smartphones on […]

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