If The Lifestyle Fits…
You Owe It To Yourself To Try Asbury Village On For Size!

You’ve planned all your life for a fulfilling retirement. Time to enjoy the activities, events, and experiences you’ve dreamed about; and maybe even revisit old hobbies or pastimes you put on hold when life got pretty busy. Now is your time—and there are options you should consider. You need to find both a neighborhood of friends and the perfect residence—your personal space—for retirement. Try Asbury Village on for size! Here are a few ideas that just might help you find your perfect fit.

Communal living is a personal choice…
. . . and only you know if it’s right for you. Let’s face it, if you’ve lived in your own home or neighborhood for 50 years, moving to an apartment-style complex or community living will require an adjustment; some seniors will welcome the opportunity to be surrounded by people with like interests and talents to share. It’s a lifestyle change any way you look at it and can actually present an exciting opportunity as it has for residents who live independently at Asbury Village.

As a not-for-profit Life Plan Community, Asbury Village promotes the whole-person well-being of all residents in everything they do—and, because of this—the community is well-recognized for its friendly and happy residents. They’re vibrant, outgoing seniors who take pride in their community and in sharing their time and talents with their neighbors. They value the comfort, safety, and security that Asbury Village provides, along with the availability of onsite healthcare at a predictable lower rate, if ever needed.

The residents at Asbury Village are engaged in their community. They take an active role in determining what services and amenities they want in order to ensure that their life is truly comfortable and enjoyable. In fact, their input and ideas formed the foundation of recent major physical enhancements throughout the community beginning with a whole new look to the front entrance and beautification of the popular walking trails and outside social/recreation areas on campus. Also taking place at the same time was the remodeling of the cafe, library, and living room. These enhancements have already proven to be a welcome and refreshing all-around success in support of community lifestyle.

Serving Godfrey, Alton, and the surrounding area for more than 20 years, Asbury Village has great longevity. If you’re just beginning to consider what community living might bring to the enjoyment of your retirement, we encourage you to visit and experience its overall benefits for yourself. And, while you’re touring this special neighborhood of friends, take a look at a few actual residences. This brings us to the next topic…

Personal space that offers spacious comfort and convenience.
In your search for retirement living, you’ll often hear the phrase: Where you live has everything to do with how you live. This relates, not only to the community or neighborhood but behind the door to the actual space you call HOME. You want your residence to be a safe, secure, and comfortable retreat with all the modern conveniences you’re used to. Again, your home—like your neighborhood—should also be a good fit. Take some time looking.

Quietly tucked back on the scenic Mississippi River bend, Asbury Village features multiple floor plan options in both independent living apartments and villas. From the five floor plans of the Wiseman-Pollock Apartment Homes to the Patio Villa Homes nestled within their own neighborhood to the variety of one- and two-bedroom floor plan options of the McKendree Apartment Homes, Asbury Village has residences designed to suit every lifestyle and budget.

A word about the community’s popular Patio Villa Homes. They’re the perfect combination of beauty and maintenance-free living. Available in five different floor plan options in their own neighborhood, they offer all the conveniences of your own home without the day-to-day responsibilities or hassles of maintenance, housekeeping, upkeep, and the multiple monthly bills you experience as a homeowner. And, of course, all the wonderful services and amenities Asbury Village offers are just outside the door.

Asbury Village residents who have opted for a little more supportive help particularly love the community’s Weston Terrace Apartments that come in three different studio floor plan options with a full menu of community amenities and personalized care services to meet every need.

Your next step.
Many seniors looking for their next move toward retirement living will tell you it’s all about VALUE for them—active neighbors around them, a comfortable, safe and secure living space, great services and amenities, and the availability of future health care at predictable below-market rates. You’ll want to experience for yourself what independent Life Plan living at Asbury Village can offer you. And, as they say, “If the shoe fits… !” Asbury Village would welcome you as a resident. Call (618) 466-8662 or contact us online to arrange for a tour to see our vibrant community for yourself.

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