Progressive Senior Living: Age Well Study Supports The Development Of Positive Resident Programming

Progressive senior living communities throughout the United States know the importance of evolving their culture to meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of its residents. Asbury Village—forward-thinking and industry-leading—can definitely be counted in this group.

Moving far beyond the traditional components of senior living—housing and healthcare—Asbury Village has initiated a collaborative partnership with a number of resources who share the common goal of leading all residents along a pathway to a vibrant, healthy, and balanced lifestyle.

So how does this information-gathering come together at Asbury Village? There are three ways:

  • The Asbury Village residents are the primary element in fostering a culture of health and wellness in THEIR community. They take a hands-on approach to developing the programs they want day to day.
  • Also contributing to the community’s strong foundation and proven success is its management by Life Care Services®, a trusted leader in the senior living industry, and recently recognized by J.D. Power’s customer services satisfaction award.
  • And, finally, Asbury Village management takes full advantage of a wealth of industry resources to stay involved and learn from the national discussion regarding senior living. It is one such resource we want to tell you about here—the industry-acclaimed Age Well Study conducted by Mather Institute* in partnership with Northwestern University.

What is the Age Well Study?
The Age Well Study is a five-year analysis of the impact of residing in a Life Plan Community, like Asbury Village, on residents’ health and wellness over time. Through surveys taken annually by Life Plan Community residents throughout the country, self-reported responses to questions regarding cognitive, physical, and psychosocial health and well-being are evaluated and compared with results from other residents.

The study is currently beginning its third year, and the findings are already positively impacting the culture of Asbury Village, whose goal is to take the information learned nationally and convert it to real life, day-to-day programming that helps all residents at Asbury Village live a happier, healthier, more active lifestyle. Here are some of the findings from Year 1 and Year 2 that you might find interesting:

The Age Well Study—Year 1 Findings—Residents’ Health and Wellness Over Time
In Year 1, study results were gathered from 5,148 residents from 80 Life Plan Communities nationwide. This initial report revealed:

  • Life Plan Community residents tend to have greater emotional, social, physical, intellectual and vocational wellness than their counterparts.
  • Residents report significantly more healthy behaviors than community dwellers—and not just in terms of more exercise.
  • 69% of residents reported that moving to a Life Plan Community “somewhat or greatly improved” their social wellness.

Asbury Village takes a holistic approach to wellness through its Easy Living . . . Living Well Lifestyle Program that addresses eight dimensions of wellness—health services, physical, intellectual, spiritual, social, vocational, emotional and environmental.

The Age Well Study—Year 2 Findings—Residents’ Healthy Behaviors and Health Outcomes
Data from the Age Well Study—Year 2 was gathered from 5,777 residents in 122 Life Plan Communities nationwide. The study took a close look at Life Plan Community residents investigating factors that might be associated with healthy behaviors and healthy outcomes among residents. Year 2 of the study took place from January to April of 2019, and researchers reported these general nationwide findings:

  • Residents with higher scores on personality traits of openness to experience and extroversion reported the highest levels of healthy behaviors.
  • Residents who form strong bonds within their community tend to have better overall health.
  • Key factors of resident wellness may be used to inform the development of programs and resources to support resident wellness.

Following the release of results from Year 2 findings, participating communities reported discovering a need to address less obvious elements of stress and loneliness within their communities. “The great thing about the Age Well Study is that it causes you to take a deep look at elements within your community that may not be quite so obvious,” one participating study administrator shared. “We gained a deeper awareness of loneliness and stress levels that we are now addressing with increased engagement initiatives and refreshing new programming/activity ideas.”

Asbury Village takes findings such as these very seriously. They are constantly changing to meet the needs of their current residents through progressive wellness and activity programming offering a wide variety of activities and events. A whole new generation of seniors looking for even more engagement, socialization, and activity of so many different dimensions is also being considered. Asbury Village believes that no matter how old you are, you want to be part of something, to fit in, to know that you have value—and belong.

Asbury Village invites you to visit the community website. Call (618) 466-8662 or complete a contact form to schedule a tour of our community and to learn more about our vibrant, active Life Plan lifestyle.



*MATHER INSTITUTE in Evanston, Illinois, is a respected resource for research and information about wellness, aging, trends in senior living, and aging services innovations. In order to support senior living communities and others that serve older adults, the Institute shares its cutting-edge research in areas including effective approaches to brain health, ways to enhance resilience, and employee wellness programs. Mather Institute is part of Mather, a nearly 80-year-old not-for-profit organization dedicated to developing and implementing Ways to Age WellSM by creating programs, places, and residences for today’s young-at-heart older adults.

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